My Bluehost Review – Read This In-Depth Web Host Review


I am a happy Bluehost customer with two Bluehost accounts.

The 1st feature I couldn’t believe after i stumbled onto Bluehost was which i could host numerous websites as I wanted for a passing fancy account. Before using Bluehost, I was a member of a website building platform that charged me $300 per year for hosting and achieving access to their website builder for ONE domain name. – Bluehost Review 

That’s $25 monthly for one website. You can think of how thrilled I had been to discover being able to host an unlimited number of websites for $6.95 monthly with Bluehost.

In fact, during my sales inquiry call, I believe I asked 3 times relating to this unlimited website hosting feature. I recently couldn’t believe it.

On the heart of the matter.

This is a short list of the Bluehost features

Unlimited variety of websites for $6.95 per month.
You can easily register your website names within Bluehost. It’s a one-stop-shop.
Outstanding tech support team and customer service via telephone, live chat and e-mail. Part I of my Bluehost reviews series lets you know about 2 instances where Bluehost’s service really shone making it me a committed loyal customer.
1 Click installing of popular CMS platforms WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Creating WordPress with Bluehost is amazingly easy.
Courtesy website backups (this saved me a full 60 page website). This feature alone could save you a terrific amout of grief (since it did me).
Unlimited variety of e-mail accounts per website. Never lack an e-mail account again. It takes approximately 30 seconds to set up an e-mail account.
Unlimited hosting space (build websites as big as you like… I do).
Secure options for example SSL for e-commerce sites.
$50 Free Google Credit.
9% Network Uptime Guarantee – there have been times my sites were down – however it is very infrequent plus they weren’t down for very long.

E-mail Accounts for Your Websites Are Included

You can easily set up e-mail accounts for every domain name you have with Bluehost. I set up an
for all those my sites. You may earn unlimited e-mail accounts for every domain you might have with Bluehost. There is no question that using an e-mail account or accounts connected with your website as being a more professional presence than the usual Gmail or Hotmail e-mail account. Take the 30 seconds required to create an e-mail account along with your domain names. – Bluehost Review 

Tons of Tutorials so you can get Your Websites Going

A high level do-it-yourself type, there are dozens of video tutorials showing you how you can do all kinds of things as part of your Bluehost account – regardless of whether you use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dreamweaver, etc.

My 2 Criticisms of Bluehost

They don’t tell you any system upgrades/updates that can result in websites being down temporarily. I called them relating to this and their response was they employed to send out notices, but they would get countless calls about the upcoming operation it had become more trouble for all concerned of computer was worth. Fortunately such upgrades/updates are so infrequent that it’s not really an issue with me.
Their website availability search screen is not user-friendly. I actually search for domain availability at GoDaddy because it’s a great interface. Once I find the domain name I would like, I register it with Bluehost.

This is a domain registration tip: Be sure you set your domain name to auto-renewal (unless you’re creating a temporary websites). The final thing you want to happen is always to miss out on a domain renewal and lose your domain. Imagine creating a website with 50 pages of content and becoming ranked only to lose your entire site because you didn’t renew your domain name.


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